Marketing automation study: complexity, email, and personalization

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VB Insight:Marketing automation is complex. So complex, apparently, that the biggest challenge is simply understanding what the various marketing automation systems actually do. The second challenge?.

ToutApp, a toolset for salespeople to close the deal, closes on its own $15M

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The company says most sales teams use 15 different tools, and that sales pros say they spend too much time entering data. "There are very.

Persado scores $21M to become the Moneyball of marketing

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If you’re a copywriter, you may want to learn another job skill. Persado is offering an AI-based system for creating effective text for emails, web.

What’s the next big thing for online advertising? 7 predictions for 2015

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Guest:The online advertising world is both exciting and challenging, as it often changes overnight. Blink, and you may miss out on a key development. So.


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Why Shark Tank is Terrible for Your Business – Copyblogger

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Opinion: New Year’s resolution for workplace

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Should you mass email everyone you know a holiday greeting? Check this flow chart first

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The year in security: How 2014’s failures will help us prepare for 2015

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Data breaches were on the rise this year, with no clear indication of slowing down. Both 2013 and 2014 were dubbed the year of the data.

5 Steps to Revising Your Content Marketing Strategy to Attract and Retain Future Customers

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This is not a how-to post; this is a how-to-think post. What troubles me about the majority of current content creation activities from companies is.