Apple wants to blow up cable TV (AAPL)

February 5, 2015 0 Comments

Apple is talking to TV programmers about offering their content directly over the web, according to Re/code’s Peter Kafka. The talks, which seem to be in.

The iPhone may be starting to steal Android’s lower-income customers

February 1, 2015 0 Comments

Apple has begun clawing back market share from Android. from VentureBeat via IFTTT

Apple generated more revenue in one quarter than Google did in all of 2014

February 1, 2015 0 Comments

Now that Google has reported earnings, we can add another incredible stat to Apple’s mind bending fourth quarter performance. For the December quarter, Apple generated.

The Pirate Bay is back online after almost two months

February 1, 2015 0 Comments

The Pirate Bay is back. from VentureBeat via IFTTT